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Volume 2 set for October release date!

Posted by paige on February 13, 2010

We’re not exactly sure what the final cover art will be for Volume 2 of The Martian Confederacy. As you can see, we’ve gone through several rough concepts. We finally decided on the image at the far right for the Diamond catalog cover art, but we’ll see if that ends up as the final final cover of the book.

“From Mars, with love.”


2 Responses to “Volume 2 set for October release date!”

  1. Paul said

    Sorry for jumping someone else’s train, but the cover on the far right looks like a scene out of Sweet Valley High! The one in the middle has the best potential. Maybe work her severed arm in and replace with heels with boots or barefeet. The leg and her face are spot on!

  2. […] speaking of which – the second¬†Martian Confederacy book: From Mars with Love is due out in October. From three different versions of the cover would lean heavily in favor of a love connection […]

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