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Mars Interview and Solicitation

Posted by jasonmcnamara on April 28, 2008


The Martian Confederacy is featured in the recently released July edition of Previews.  The Diamond Order Code is MAY083907

J.K. Parkin and I kick off the Martian solicitation with a rollicking interview on the Newsarama blog. I reveal what its like to work with Paige and what inspired me to write the Martian Confederacy. Check it out!


One Response to “Mars Interview and Solicitation”

  1. paige said


    Okay, I’ve just upped the geek factor here by talking to my collaborator on this project via our blog (how lame)… BUT I just wanted to say that I read the interview and it’s GREAT. Lots of good story details about all Jason’s projects.

    And for all you soon-to-be Martian Confederacy fans (I hope) Jason gives some really good detail about the characters and the plot of this first book… more than we have here on our website. So enjoy 🙂

    bye Jason,
    Signed, your creative life partner,

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