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Original art from Mars

Posted by paige on March 26, 2008


Jason and I (pictured here at Wondercon) have been working on the Martian Confederacy for over a year now… I had various art projects (Jane’s World) that slowed down the art production process. I take full responsibility for the slow down… BUT I wanted to start posting some of the original scanned art on our blog. I don’t want to give away spoilers for the book so certain pages I can’t show… also, the final book will be in color (Brian Miller is currently working on that). So this book is really a team effort. It’s been a real change for me working with a writer, but it’s been a terrific experience and I can’t wait to start on The Martian Confederacy Vol. 2!

Enjoy these first art postings… more to come…

First up… opening sequences of the book.


Spinner runs into some trouble on page 67…


And on page 70 Boone straps on some extra equipment for a new kind of voyage…



3 Responses to “Original art from Mars”

  1. Nice work Page. Looking forward to the final comic.

  2. Despina said

    It’s looking really good, Paige! I have to ask though, are those trailers that I see in some of the panels? Dude, what is it with you and trailers?!?!??! 😉

  3. paige said

    Manufactured housing on Mars 🙂
    (You know how I love trailers… I have to work them in when I can.)

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